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He or She – some confusion about authors’ gender

“Kawasaki Ninja,” said Wardle. “I know we’re looking for a Honda,” he added, forestalling Strike,“but he crapped himself when we came calling.” “So do most people when CID turn up on their doorstep. Go on.” “He’s a sweaty little guy, … Continue reading

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Science, science-fiction and the power of imagination

Kazuo Ishiguro and Neil Gaiman. Illustration by Tim McDonagh, image from New Statesman. “In her mind’s eye, she saw forsaken civilizations, the bygone times when gods mixed with heroes and monsters interbred with beasts. Her childhood heroes were all brave, … Continue reading

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Quotes from speculative science (fiction)

Without tags, would a short piece of text be enough to distinguish between an article about science and a piece of speculative fiction? For example, here are two quotes: (a) “… the initial leap from nothing to something may have … Continue reading

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