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Easy, breezy, accessible science

Guest post by mèþru: I found this video about the misreporting of science in order to make it interesting for wide audiences. Comedian John Oliver discusses how reporters do not fact check the studies they report, make sweeping conclusions that … Continue reading

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Engineering Characters

“Miss Havisham had told me about Generics. They were created here in the Well to populate the books that were to be written. At the point of creation they were simply a human canvas without paint – blank like a … Continue reading

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Double Rainbow

Yesterday we saw a beautiful double rainbow. It hovered in the gray sky, two full arcs glowing with iridescent colors. The photos captured some of the splendor that we saw.

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Talking cosmology at a party

“…I barely know her, but if I were you, I would not mention cosmology.” Jon’s advice was not surprising. Danielle did not mention what she was studying when the likely responses were astonished stares, ill-fitted jokes, and awkward silences before … Continue reading

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