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The Choice and what comes after that

“Breen awakened. Breen became. Breen chose. THAT was the story. Mission accomplished. I cannot give each individual reader all they want. And I won’t. I will tell you the story that comes to me, and work hard to make it … Continue reading

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Genuine Lies – Fictional memories of a movie star

Genuine Lies by Nora Roberts “There’s always something redeeming in trash. I’ve done plenty of trash and made it shine. This” – she kicked the script again with relish – “is shit.” “She” is Eve Benedict, an aging movie star … Continue reading

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Three Sisters Island trilogy: meet Air, Earth, Fire and … Water

Ancient Greek philosophers thought that everything in the world was made out of four elements: earth, fire, water and air. This belief in four fundamental elements lasted throughout the Middle Ages, until the advent of the Scientific Revolution in the … Continue reading

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