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A bookstore, supply and demand, and reality check for readers and writers

“Seventy-five dollars?” said Imp. “Just to play music?” “That’s twenty-five dollars registration fee, thirty-five dollars up front against fees, and fifteen dollars voluntary compulsory annual subscription to the Pension Fund,” said Mr. Clete, secretary of the Guild. From Soul Music … Continue reading

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Writers’ advice on self-publishing

There is a lot of advice about writing and self-publishing. A recent tread from the kboards Writers’ Cafe, Time to Hang It Up, tackled the problem of a writer with academic credentials and several years of self-publishing experience, who, despite … Continue reading

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Initial Conditions in the library

Initial Conditions finds a place on the library shelf. Thanks to Princeton Public Library!

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The Perfect Theory – Physicists’ Battles for Muggles

After the ceremony, as the audience and speakers milled around, ready to escape into the London evening, a Polish physicist named Ludwik Silberstein ambled over to Eddington. Silberstein had already written a book about Einstein’s more restricted “special theory of … Continue reading

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Maps of Physics and Fiction

My two favorite subjects presented through maps: Bernard H. Porter’s 1939 map depicting Physics as a continent, with rivers corresponding to its principal branches. From dabacon.org. Fiction Island and a rough layout of the genres, from Jasper Fforde, 2011:

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National Libraries Day in the UK

“Suppose we change the subject?” retorted the Cat, waving a paw at the surroundings. “What do you think of the library?” “It’s pretty big,” I murmured, looking all around me. “Two hundred miles in every direction,” said the cat offhandedly … Continue reading

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