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The art of inspiration

The man for wisdom’s various arts renown’d, Long exercised in woes, O Muse! resound; Who, when his arms had wrought the destined fall Of sacred Troy, and razed her heaven-built wall, Wandering from clime to clime, observant stray’d, Their manners … Continue reading

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Initial Conditions in the library

Initial Conditions finds a place on the library shelf. Thanks to Princeton Public Library!

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Waiting for a muse in a cafe…

The golden age of Prague café society was at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when making an appearance at one of the elegant cafés was simply a social necessity. Surrounded by the aroma of good coffee and … Continue reading

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Photos from Charleston, SC

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Hubble Telescope celebrates 25 years of observations

“With the slow fascination of fear, he lifted himself on one arm and turned his eyes toward the blood-curdling blackness of the window. Through it shone the Stars! Not Earth’s feeble thirty-six hundred Stars visible to the eye; Lagash was … Continue reading

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A smile from space

“You can make out two orange eyes and a white button nose. In the case of this “happy face”, the two eyes are the galaxies SDSSCGB 8842.3 and SDSSCGB 8842.4.” From the ESA website for the Hubble space telescope. The … Continue reading

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National Libraries Day in the UK

“Suppose we change the subject?” retorted the Cat, waving a paw at the surroundings. “What do you think of the library?” “It’s pretty big,” I murmured, looking all around me. “Two hundred miles in every direction,” said the cat offhandedly … Continue reading

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