It’s snowing

It’s snowing and snowing. The sky is pearly-grey, and there is not even a glimmer of sun. The view from our windows (see photos) brings to mind the blizzard scene from Initial Conditions.

The magical wood from the previous night transformed into a bleak, outlandish world. Snow moved in surreal white currents; snowflakes circled all around in incessant, random motion. Something was very wrong in this mindless, raging chaos.
“Come on.” Jonathan’s voice was barely audible. He tugged Danielle’s shoulder and pointed. She squinted in the same direction, then nodded. Through the darting and swirling snow, Lucas Lodge looked like a phantom house, an illusion conjured to mislead and to lure. Fear froze her motions; she did not budge. An impatient pull from Jonathan broke the spell. She squeezed his hand, and they went on plowing through the tempestuous snow. Buffeted by the wind, panting and shivering, they reached the house. The door was unlocked.
A casually dressed woman stood by the entrance. She brightened seeing Danielle and Jonathan.
“Never mind the boots, just come inside,” the woman said. “My name is Rebecca. Please, leave everything here and warm yourselves in the breakfast room. I’ll bring some hot coffee.”

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