Do muses exist?

   “Any medical facility can verify that I have regular vision, hearing, blood type, and every other organ and bodily function. But what does it prove? A hundred years ago, the best doctors and brightest scientists had no clue about DNA. Your society doesn’t have the tools to distinguish between us and what you might call normal people, but only fools will believe that this deficiency can, by itself, rule out our existence.”
Lisa was enjoying herself, Jack observed. And she was quite a good opponent, substituting for a lack of common sense with charm and zeal.
   “Okay, let’s assume that biology and the neural sciences have not yet reached the stage at which they can tell apart a person from a deity assuming human shape. How do you explain the fact that a large complex on Mount Olympus was never detected by any satellite or space station?”
   “I’m a muse, not a NASA engineer.”

So, who Lisa really is?
What does she want?
And how does she intend to achieve it?
Join Jack as he finds more about this disruptive woman, about the people he thought he knew, and also about himself.

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