Muse Delusion – musing about book promotion

“How can publishers influence the books AISA picks?” she asked.
Scott grinned, finding Lisa’s cluelessness funny.
Answer the dumb question, Daphne told Scott in her mind. She did not like women who looked glamorous without making any visible effort, especially if they were silly and ignorant. But neither Lisa’s enviable appearance nor her questionable intelligence justified Scott’s leering smile.
“Advertisement,” Daphne said when she concluded that no one else would bother to reply.
From Muse Delusion
(AISA stands for Artificial Intelligence Shopping Assistant.)

In April, I tried to wear a publisher’s hat and promote Muse Delusion by making the ebook free for five days on Amazon. The promotional “push” started with an announcement on this blog. Nothing happened at first, but a few hours later Muse Delusion was among the six thousand highest-ranked free ebooks on Amazon. Certainly not impressive, but at least a proof that everything worked as intended. Paid promotions on the second and third days (Fussy Librarian on April 6 and Freebooksy on April 7) made all the difference. Muse Delusion made its debut in various bestsellers charts. I watched in disbelief as it gradually climbed up in the “sales” ranking (it was free).

Well, watched is an understatement. A more realistic description is: click, refresh, check another country, click, refresh, see no change, disconnect and try to focus on something more productive; repeat the sequence. When I noticed a change, it was documented with a screenshot. This craziness started early in the morning and continued after midnight. Luckily, it ended after two days. The screenshots remain.

Ranked 137 among free books on Kindle Store in the US
Ranked #9 on Kindle Top Free books in the US, in the Fantasy category
Ranked #2 on Kindle Top Free books in the US, in the Mythology category
Ranked #1 on Kindle Top Free books in the UK, in the Contemporary Literary Fiction category

Muse Delusion is no longer enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, so I cannot make another free promotion. On the plus side, the ebook is now available on Kobo, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble in addition to Amazon.


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